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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marc Goodman's View on the Technology Arms Race

There is a flip side to the awesome technology innovations that we use to make our lives easier. Criminals and terrorists can use these same technologies to execute their evil goals. Marc Goodman gave frightening TED talk about this very subject. In a little over 19 minutes he outlines how a small number of criminals can hold entire cities hostage (Mumbai) or steal the information of 77 million people (Sony PlayStation). But Marc does not stop there, he explains how criminals can now leverage:

Drones to fly C4 explosives into buildings
3D printers can print guns and ammunition cartridges
DNA and yeast can create synthetic drugs
A BIO virus can customized target individuals for assassination

It is Marc’s job to make us aware of the dangers lurking in the technology we use. He does a very good job of spreading fear. However, Marc does give us some hope in the methods we can use to combat these potential criminal through crowd sourcing.

I recommend the watching the video below:

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