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Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Review: For Immediate Release

This is a business book focused on the Public Relations industry; an industry that considers anything in a book as old news. Wait…this is old news in the new world order, driven by social media, by the time information is on the TV news it is old news; making anything in print positively ancient. Ronn Torossian is a veteran of the PR industry and the founder and CEO of 5WPR one of the more aggressive agencies in the PR marketplace.

What does all of this mean for a book review? Well you have to consider the environment Ronn is writing about prior to making a judgment about the book he has written. This book is not a “how to”, as in after reading this book you could perform the PR function and expect to be competitive. This is a book to understand what goes into PR and if you have a significant role in a major corporation, are “Public Figure” or “Brand” then this will help you to understand what a PR agency can do for you; from shaping your imaging to helping you through a crisis. Is this book for everybody? No.

I am a regular reader of Ronn’s blog so when he published this book, I looked forward to the opportunity to obtain a copy and read it. Ronn is good at what he does and that is Public Relations. My conclusion on this book, if you are in the market for a PR agency read the book. If you are not sure if you should be in the market for a PR agency read the book. If you are neither then don’t read the book.

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