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Monday, September 01, 2008

About Me

Short bio

Jeffrey Hurley is a seasoned executive with business building acumen including development of multi-million dollar revenue generating organizations in Asia. Currently based in Hong Kong, Jeffrey’s background includes a wide variety of study, experiences, and extensive travel. His breadth of expertise is illustrated by the organizations he has worked with throughout the US and internationally.

Long Bio

Jeffrey’s roots in leadership come honestly, goal driven from early childhood he had the desire to blaze a different trail in managing people, process, and technology. Consistently finding new innovative business solutions and seeking out organizations wanting to improve their competitive advantage. “First, I want managers and leaders in business to try new ideas and think differently. Second, I would like to see businesses who adopt these ideas gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”

He seasoned his leadership skills working for various Fortune 500 companies including The Walt Disney Company, Cendant, H&R Block, and the former Lehman Brothers. After leading start up business teams, acquisition teams, and even a bankruptcy liquidation team, Jeffrey became a passionate believer in the importance of superior delivery of goods and services while maintaining top tier compliance, record keeping, financial solvency, accounting, logistics, safety, and security.

His talent for leadership on a global scale and insight into different cultures has enabled him to interact with vastly different organizations throughout the globe. Jeffrey has held leadership responsibility for teams in Korea, Japan, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and multiple US cities including such exotic locations as Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, and New York.


Team leadership, production management, consulting, business strategy, technology, strategic sourcing, offshore and near-shore centers, business process management, project management, and finance.

Contact Details:

jeffrey the @ symbol economicoperator dot com