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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Make your mobile life simple with Muji

Much as I try to use electronic only tools and go paperless I always seem to still have papers to carry; whether it is something I am reading on the commute home, a presentation that needs editing, my personal journal, or minutes from a meeting that need to be typed up, I am hauling the information between the office and home. My daily routine involves a morning workout and I find that my gym bag is my carry-all bag which has issues with keeping all of my stuff easy to find. That is when I stumbled upon Muji. Muji is a Japanese retailer that represents the wonders off Japanese minimalist design and has recently entered the US market in the NY area. They have a online store for those who do not live in the NY area.

Muji has what they call a mesh in bag. This is the one bag I use to keep my paperwork organized between home, office, and travel. I use this indoor bag to keep my journal, office papers, articles, headphones, mobile phone, keys, etc. together. I can then pull them easily when I am in the office and off to a meeting.

The second item that I found to be a lifesaver is the Tarpaulin Zi
p Case. I keep all of my travel documents from passports, id cards, itineraries, maps, and even the various currencies I need for a trip in this zip case. Keeping everything together in one place that I can then pull out for the airline counter, hotel check-in, and then toss into the hotel safe has made things so much easier.

If you travel regularly then the following items will help simplify your airline trips:

Recycled Leather Luggage Tags Having to replace the airline provided tags is a nuisance when I travel so I found that placing a luggage tag with my business card on my luggage is the most efficient way to breeze through the airport.

Hanging Wash Bag This toilet kit is perfect for keeping all of the stuff you need when you travel. I especially like the ability to hang it.

100ml Bottle Containers If you want to avoid checking your bag for a short trip then you need to have all of your liquids placed into small containers. One way is to purchase travel size items, however, I find that I cannot always get my preferred brands in the travel size so these little bottles have proven to be the solution for carrying the toiletries that I prefer.

TPU Cases These cases hold the liquids that you have in the 100ml bottles and can then carry them through the airline security without incident.

The minimalist design that Muji employs works so well in their other offerings as well; take some time and browse their online store. I hope you find these items to be as effective in simplifying your mobile life as I have. Let me know your thoughts.

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