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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I just got a new HP Mini

I just got the new HP Mini net-book after doing a lot of research on possible candidates for highly mobile laptop. In Hong Kong there is a large selection of net-book manufacturers and when I was researching this small form factor devices I found that they all had roughly the same features and were the same price range. After careful consideration I chose to go with the brand I was most comfortable with HP (they provide the machines for the office and the rest of my household).

The HP Mini is feature rich for its size and after testing the machine for some time these features were the deciding factors in my choice:
  • I Like the light weight and small form factor, that allows me to take this net-book where ever I go. The beauty is it isn't much bigger than an average book. I wanted was ultra portability after hauling a laptop around the Asia Pacific region every time I travel I recognized the importance of having as little weight as possible.- It has a nice keyboard. I am finding that the keys have a nice feel to them and am able to type easily. Many of the other net-books I tested did not have a nice of a feel especially when you "touch type".
  • The screen is 10.2 inches and is remarkably easy to read. The competition had a less "glossy" look to the screen and I was a bit worried about glare but have not had any issues.
  • The battery is a six cell model and should provide about five hours of usable time. I does stick out of the casing giving the net-book a slight angle when sitting on a table. I originally thought this would be a problem, however, the angle works well for table top typing.
I really look forward to the increased productivity brought on by the use of this small factor machine. I am writing this post on it now and expect to write many more. I definitely recommend the HP Mini series.

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